The Institute of Geography welcomes Prof. Dr. Blake Walker

digital geography/cultural geography

Prof. Dr. Blake Byron Walker joins us as the newest professor at the Institute of Geography in September. The professorship on cultural geography/digital geography will strengthen the FAU research focus on digital transformation.

Born and raised in rural Canada, he completed undergraduate studies in Geographic Information Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, and an MSc and PhD in Spatial Epidemiology and Health Geographies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.


Blake Walkers research focusses on the effects of social and physical environments on violence and cardiovascular diseases in different global settings, and explores the ways in which social and cultural phenomena are digitised, mapped, and analysed in global health research. Additional research foci include First Nations geographies and contemporary digital narratives about the frontier/wild west in The Americas and Europe.


His  teaching centres on Geographic Information Science, quantitative spatial and epidemiological analysis, digital health geographies, socioeconomics, and analogue/digital representations of nature in human health.