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Our CIP/EDP pool includes all geoscientific IT services for our students. It is operated jointly by the Institute of Geography and the Geozentrum Nordbayern. In three computer rooms, students can use geo and social science software for research and teaching. In addition to the student workstations, various printers, scanners and plotters are available. This page is exclusively dedicated to the CIP area.

The geography administrators are also responsible for the employee’s IT infrastructure (WAP) at the Institute for Geography.

A separate area with IT instructions for our employees will be available soon.

The computer rooms at the Institute of Geography are accessible Monday to Friday from approx. 10 – 17 o’clock. Please note the timetables at UnivIS for 00.133 CIP-Room 1 (Teaching & Free working) und 00.111 (CIP-Room 2 – Free working & excercise).

IT-Support for students of the geography programmes is offered by our IT/EDP assistants during their regular working hours.

Please also follow the guidelines on hygiene at the FAU:

Information about EDP and computer usage

Please note that the English page might not contain all information you need. Our German page has all the details. Please feel free to use website translators or translation browser plugins of your choice to translate our German content into any language you’d like!

The computers in our CIP pool are accessible with your IdM ID. These are available at the beginning of the study. You can access the IdM Management web interface (to change your passwords, manage your FAUcard, e-mail forwarding etc.) at code. If you have any questions, please contact IZI.

From the CIP pool it is possible to print on the UTAX multifunction device in room 0.111 and in the CIP room of the geology at a cost. This requires your FAU card, which you can recharge at the usual charging stations beforehand.

For color and b / w printing, select the appropriate printer and enter an optional access number. After the print job has been sent and processed by the UTAX, it is ready to be printed out on the device: To do this, first enter the FAU card on the device, press the order box and select the print job in it (sorted by IdM IDs). Then there select the just entered access number. Only after complete printing the amount will be debited from the FAU-Card. Submitted but not fetched print jobs are deleted during the night.

Larger formats can be printed on the plotter. The EDV Hiwis take care during their office hours. The plotter is combined with a DIN A0 single-entry scanner suitable for scanning and copying maps and larger posters. Please register large-format print or scan orders in advance with the EDV-Hiwis (email to

The price lists for the printing costs depend on the computer rooms. Scanning is possible on both the UTAX (Scan to Email and Scan to USB) and the scanner in 0.111 (first row left) without prior agreement and is free of charge.

The published usage guidelines for information processing systems of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg apply. Furthermore, the following notes must be observed:
  1. Every user is responsible for the security of personal data. The institute and faculty assume no liability for the correctness of the work carried out.
  2. The processing of personal data requires detailed coordination with the institute.
  3. The use permit is only valid for tasks in the context of university-related applications. It is personal and non-transferable.
  4. The provided software is acquired by the institute or the faculty under license agreements. It is copyrighted and may not be copied, used or distributed commercially. Violations result in substantial claims for damages.
  5. For workstation computers, the following applies in particular: Access only with valid, own user ID; no games; no installation of third-party software; no changes to system data or hardware devices
  6. If the conditions of use are disregarded, the license will be withdrawn immediately.
  7. In case of abuse, a criminal complaint will be filed in consultation with the RRZE and, if necessary, criminal charges will be filed.

Students and employees of the FAU can receive free WLAN in the entire university area.

The network identifier (SSID) is:

After the connection is established, user ID and password must be entered. If you have troubles connecting to, please see the hints and instructions of the RRZE for your respective operating system.

Instead you can also access the networt “eduroam” with your ID and password. Information by the RRZE on how it works can be found here.

The networks FAU-STUD and FAU-STAFF are going to be switched off and therefore shouldn’t be used anymore!

The main task of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is to enable a safe connection to the FAU network. This is useful for the following situations:
  • Use university services (e.g., UB databases or e-journals) through a third party service provider (e.g., from home)
  • Connecting from an external conference over insecure networks
  • As a guest of another institution you need access to your data at the FAU

The VPN servers of the RRZE are basically available to all university members, including you as students. Instructions can be found here.

All students have access to the university intern cloud storage called FAUbox, where they can store up to 50 GB. Oppose to Dropbox or similar alternatives, the FAUbox operates under the german data privacy regulations and even allows end to end encryption, if needed. The FAUbox can be accessed from anywhere and can also be used to share data.

For login use your IDM identification.


Every student with an IDM-Account can use them for free.

The EDP assistants are there to help you. Click here for our office hours.

EDP Assistants

Institut für Geographie

No! The computers have numerous programs preinstalled, dedicated for scientific use and internet research.

If one of these things isn’t working properly (or at all), get in contact with the EDP Team for support.

[notice]Printing is possible with the UTAX printer. For further information look above.[/notice]

Printers don’t print: Wait for the printer to receive the data and finish potential other print jobs. Check at the printer if it has received your print job. This can take several minutes, if still nothing happens contact the EDP Team. Same applies if the printer runs out of paper.

Do not start the print job for several times if it’s not working!

Mouse or keyboard don’t respond / Screen stays black
In almost every case, one of the hardware components isn’t connected properly. So first check if all the cables are connected. It should look somewhat like this:

If that doesn’t solve the issue contact the EDP Team.

Get in contact with EDP Team and we can work out a solution. Please note, that we will help you to get software running but won’t give advise on how to use software.

The EDP Team keeps a box where all found items are gathered. In order to retrieve them, visit the EDP office (room 0.124) during the office hours as shown above.

Get in contact with the EDP Team in the EDP office of per mail. Please notice, that the EDP just provides help with getting the computers working but not on how software works.

Consulting Hours:

EDP Assistants

Institut für Geographie

Office hours: Daily Room 0.124, for the exact helpdesk hours please refer to the pdf document above

EDV-Appointees (Geozentrum Nordbayern)