Study programmes

Detailed information about our German-language degree programmes is published exclusively on our German website. Please follow the links provided and use translation tools, if needed.

The three-year coursework Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Cultural Geography) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Physical Geography) provide fundamental knowledge and methods in Geography and prepare students for future roles in applied Geography as well as for graduate scholarship. The two year Master courses (M.A. Cultural Geography and M.Sc. Climate and Environmental Sciences) have a high reputation particularly as both allow students to be closely associated with current scientific debates and research projects. Except for M.Sc., the language of teaching and examination is German.

Our Masters students are closely integrated into current research in our different fields of expertise which provides distinctive learning opportunities: critical reflection on problems relevant to contemporary society; hands-on training in the development of research questions and their empirical application in projects; an overall training in scientific competence.

The education for the teaching of geography (provided for all the different types of schools in Germany) concentrates on questions of didactics and communication, alongside the varied cultural and physical geography curriculum. The Institute cooperates closely with the chair and the working group for Didactics of Geography in Nuremberg. Our institute’s academic community is committed to highest standards of teaching and always prepared to mix established methods of teaching with new and exciting forms of lectures, practical classes and a large variety of field courses.

Student advisory service and contact persons for incoming students:

Dr. Birgit Schwabe

Studien-Service-Center / alle Geographie-Studiengänge

PD Dr. Klaus Geiselhart

Fachstudienberatung Kulturgeographie / Lehramt

Dr. Thorsten Peters

Fachstudienberatung Physische Geographie / Lehramt, ERASMUS