The entrance doors of the Institute at Wetterkreuz 15 are usually open as follows:
Main entrance: 7.00 – 20.30
Entrances 1 & 3 to seminar rooms: 7.30 – 20.30
Institute: 7.30 – 18.00

Fax: +49 9131 85-22013

Study matters:
Monika Wittmann (Vertretung: Mona Scheffel-Roth, Petra Santer)
Office hours:
Tuesday 9.30 -12.00 h
Thursday 11.00 -14.00 h
Frieday 9.30 -12.00 h

Office hours for student assistants in room 2.041
Andrea Gurdan
Tuesday & Thursday 11.00 -14.00 Uhr

The Institute of Geography is located in the southern Erlangen suburb of Tennenlohe.

Individual route to the Institute (with

Covered parking facilities for bicycles are available in and behind the car park next to the institute building (Am Weichselgarten). Employees and students can use the garage for their cars.

As connection between the Campus Bismarckstraße (lecture hall C of geography, seminar rooms 01.053/055, laboratories of physical geography) to the institute in Tennenlohe serves the busline 20 via the stop Stubenlohstraße (footpath approx. 9 +5 minutes, travel time approx. 16 minutes to the stop Wetterkreuz). Alternatively, line 290 can be used via the Hindenburgstraße stop (approx. 2 + 5 minutes on foot, journey time approx. 40 minutes).

Public transport information

From Erlangen main station

Line 295 – direction Tennenlohe, get off at Am Weichselgarten (journey time approx. 21 minutes)
Line 290 – direction Nürnberg-Thon, get off at the Wetterkreuz stop (journey time approx. 29 minutes)

From Erlangen-Arcaden

Line 20 in the direction of Nuremberg-Thon, via the stops Langemarckplatz, Stubenlohstraße and Technische Fakultät to the Wetterkreuz stop (journey time approx. 19 minutes)

From Nuremberg Central Station

Line U3 direction Nürnberg Friedrich-Ebert-Pl. to stop Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, change to tram line 4 direction Nürnberg Am Wegfeld, get off at the last stop Am Wegfeld, change to bus line 20 direction Erlangen-Arcaden, get off at the stop Wetterkreuz. (journey time approx. 40 minutes)
Or you can take the ICE, Regionalexpress or S-Bahn to Erlangen main station and then the Erlangen city bus as described. (Travel time depends on the selected connection – approx. 40 to 50 minutes in total.)

From Nuremberg Airport

Bus line 33 in the direction of Rathaus Fürth to bus stop Am Wegfeld, change to bus line 20 in the direction of Erlangen-Arcaden, get off at the Wetterkreuz stop. (journey time 28 minutes)

Travelling by train is possible via the stops Erlangen Hauptbahnhof or Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof (ICE). Then take the public transport as described to the bus-stop “Wetterkreuz” or “Am Weichselgarten”.

Deutsche Bahn

With the long-distance bus providers you can use the stops Erlangen or Nuremberg (ZOB). Then take the public transport as described above.

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