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Geography deals with the world we live in: ecological processes and environmental problems, globalization and contested borders, migration, cultural diversity and urban and regional development are just a few examples of socially relevant topics that are central to geographic education.

Geography degree programmes at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Stiftung Akkreditierungsrat - Accredited study programs at the FAU. Please click on the logo for more information.You can either focus on Cultural Geography or on Physical Geography. In the first semesters of Bachelor’s degree programs as well as in the teaching degree programmes, both research areas of geography are treated approximately equally. As you continue to study, you can focus more on individual topics.

Our information brochure (german only) gives a first insight for peospective students.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to our English-language Master’s programme
M.Sc. Climate and Environmental Research.

Study in Erlangen

Erlangen is a lively south German university city. With approximately 800,000 inhabitants and the second largest university in Bavaria, the metropolitan region of Nürnberg / Fürth / Erlangen is a guarantor for a diverse cultural scene. With the “Franconian Switzerland” (Fränkische Schweiz) in the northeast and the Franconian Lake District in the southwest, the region offers numerous recreational opportunities.

The Institute of Geography in Erlangen is a large and traditional location of geography. Here you can expect an interesting and challenging study, which is characterized by a wide range of both applied as well as theory-oriented courses. You will receive a sound scientific education with innovative teaching methods. Furthermore, the Erlangen Institute offers comprehensive equipment for study and research (eg physical-geographical laboratories, a superbly equipped geography library, computer workstations for digital cartography, geoinformation, geodata analysis and remote sensing).

Information about the courses at the Institute of Geography is provided by the study infoportal MeinStudium.

Application and enrolment

Bachelor’s and teacher’s degree programmes

As a prerequisite for your studies, you need to have completed your A-levels or a BOS / FOS13 degree. But you can also start your studies with the intermediate diploma or 90 ECTS credits of a FH. Since a change of the Bavarian Higher Education Act from the summer of 2009, however, also qualified people without a high school diploma may study with us. Please refer to the detailed information on our german website.

General information about application and enrolment can be found on the FAU’s website. Our Bachelor’s and Teacher’s degree programmes are currently admission-free. Please note the current registration dates (german only).

Master’s programmes

If you have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree or other degree (also a teacher’s degree, master’s degree and diploma) with above-average success, you can take a four-semester Master’s degree programme at the Institute of Geography M.A. Cultural Geography and M.Sc. Climate and Environmental Sciences.

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Student advisory service and contact

Student advisory service and contact persons for incoming students:

Dr. Birgit Schwabe

Studien-Service-Center / alle Geographie-Studiengänge

PD Dr. Klaus Geiselhart

Fachstudienberatung Kulturgeographie / Lehramt

Further information:

Information prepared especially for prospective students can be found in the study infoportal of the FAU:

MeinStudium - Das Studieninfoportal der FAU