Nadja Landshuter

Nadja Landshuter

Department Geographie und Geowissenschaften
Department of Geography

Room: Room 2.069
Wetterkreuz 15
91058 Erlangen

Office hours

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Curriculum Vitae

•    since 2017         Phd Student in the Climate System Research Group of Prof. Thomas Mölg, Institute of Geography

      (Friedrich- Alexander University Erlangen)

•    2015 – 2017     Master of Science: Integrated Climate System Science (University Hamburg)

•    2011 – 2015     Bachelor of Science: Physical Geography (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen)


•    Landshuter, N., Mölg, T., Grießinger, J., Bräuning, A. & T. Peters (2020): 10-year characteristics of moisture source regions and their potential effect on seasonal isotopic signatures of δ18O in tropical trees of southern Ecuador. Frontiers in Earth Science 8:604804.

•    Gómez-Navarro J.J., Ludwig P., Zeiher N., Talento S., Parveen U. & Wagner S. (2019): A joint effort to bring together global, regional modeling and proxy communities. Past Global Changes Magazine 27 (1): 41. 


•    Multivariate Statistics und Geostatistics with R

•    Seminar: Climate and Ocean Interactions

•    Field Internship: Physical Geography


•    High-resolution isotope enabled climate modeling to analyze mesoscale processes and to reduce uncertainties of tree ring proxy based climate reconstructions

•    Detection of moisture source regions for a better understanding of the driving mechanisms of different precipitation events