WG Development Research: Rural Change & Development (Pohle)

Our working group addresses questions of rural change and development in a globalized world, while social/cultural and ecological dimensions, either for their own or intertwined (socio-ecological), are at the core of scientific interest.

Research foci

Main subjects to be considered encompass (im)mobilities, i.e., tourism, temporary and permanent in- and out-migration as well as rural staying in various regional contexts, e.g. Europe and Latin America, and “use of space”. Regarding the latter, investigations include both, land use, its evaluation, spatial patterns and dynamics, and the appropriation of space by various stakeholders and groups, e.g. transnational firms, subsistence farmers or migrants. Within these subjects, our research focuses on the topics “power and conflicts”, e.g., access to resources, “territory and place”, as well as “identity and belonging”, e.g., negotiation of migrant identities in light of specific structures in rural areas.

By means of place-based and/or participatory approaches, we center our investigations around at least one of the elements “individual & collective meanings”, “everyday practices”, “strategies”, “empowerment” and thus focus on analytical and applied questions.


Current projects

Former projects



Research-oriented teaching